SEO In McKinney TX:  What You Need To Think About In 2015

SEO In McKinney TX: What You Need To Think About In 2015

By | Published January 5, 2015

SEO McKinney TXSearch Engine Optimization or SEO is a vital part of the online marketing strategy for your business and a new year rolling around won’t change that.  Even though SEO in McKinney TX doesn’t show any signs of going away anytime soon, SEO practices will evolve in 2015 because the internet and how people use it is constantly evolving.  So what should you be thinking about when it comes to using SEO in McKinney TX for your business’s website?

☛  Mobile optimization.   According to internet technology company, comScore, mobile internet traffic exceeded desktop internet traffic in 2014.  The gap in the numbers of people surfing the web on mobile devices and desktops is only going to increase in 2015.  That’s why it’s important to focus on the mobile part of your SEO in McKinney TX.  Both Google and Bing prefer websites that use responsive design that adapts to the size of the screen used to access the pages.

☛  Optimizing for search engines other than Google.   2015 could be the year that Google loses some of its search engine market share.  The default search engine for Firefox is now Yahoo and Safari may follow suit in 2015 when its deal with Google expires.  Users will also have the option to switch default browsers from Google to DuckDuckGo in Apple’s iOS 8 and OS X.

☛  Focusing on the user experience.   In the past, the main focus of SEO in McKinney TX was tailoring strategies to Google’s search algorithms with little regard for how it affected the website’s users.  In 2015, Google and other search engines will be placing increased importance on the user’s experience.  Is the website easy to navigate?  Is it mobile-friendly?  Can user’s find what they need on every page?

☛  Narrowing your social media focus.   This sounds counterintuitive considering how important social media is in spreading the word for just about any business; but it is possible to be spread too thin.  Customers are looking for businesses to engage them on a more personal level and you can do that by choosing two or three social media platforms on which you can be active and accommodating.

☛  Secure encryption.   Google has announced that sites using encryption will rank higher in their search algorithms – singling out HTTPS encryption, which it calls industry-leading security.  While this means you may need to pay for an SSL certificate, it may pay off in 2015.

When you need help with your SEO in McKinney TX, call Osky Blue at 866-675-9411.  Osky Blue can explain different SEO strategies and help your website keep up with the changing internet.  Visit to learn more about the services we offer.

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