Social Media Marketing Builds Traffic After New Website Launch

Social Media Marketing Builds Traffic After New Website Launch

By | Published August 16, 2017

Social Media Marketing McKinney TXOnline promotion is one of the best ways to reach new and existing clients, and we at Osky Blue know that your website is the best starting place to build your audience. When Mowery Capital wanted a site that could better promote their online investing services, Osky Blue had the social media marketing experience they needed. Immediately after the launch of their new website, Mowery Capital saw results!

Project Goals

Mowery Capital is located in Mckinney Texas and devoted to helping clients reach their financial success through investments and professional advice. While their business is top-notch, they wanted to promote their investing services online better. As a financial management company, they strive to offer unbiased investment advice to maximize their client’s financial success, but with so many options available, they needed a way for potential clients to find what they needed easily.

Our Solution

Our Osky Blue web design team utilized a natural navigation bar and brightly colored visuals to allow for easy maneuvering throughout the website. With separate pages dedicated to Mowery Capital’s story, services, contact information, and customer login, the ability to follow their website has never been easier. To take advantage of social media marketing, tabs at the bottom of each page are dedicated to the company newsletters, Facebook page Linkedin profile, and contact information to help keep customers feeling engaged. If a new customer is interested in learning more, one click will take them to a page where they can fill out their information and message for a prompt return. A blog found in the middle of their navigation bar will entice customers to learn more about their business and understand who they are. Online marketing for this McKinney company is a crucial outlet, and the team at Osky Blue made sure that the client’s new blog, called “The Bottom Line,” was featured front and center. To help market the new site, Osky Blue created a professional marketing email template, setup an email database, issued a press release, and setup branded social media channels for Mowery Capital for even more outreach.


In the few few weeks after launch, new customers found the site through search engines and referring websites. The easy navigation and bold formatting encouraged customers to view almost 4 pages per visit and to engage with the various features of the site including downloading PDFs, reading the blog, visit social channels, signing-up for the company newsletter, and contacting Mowery Capital for services.

When you have financial questions, trust the professionals at Mowery Capital. When you need a website that will benefit your customers and your business, let the social media marketing team at Osky Blue in McKinney, TX give you the solution you’ve been searching for. For more information, call (866) 675-9411.

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