Local Haunted Attraction Revamps Their Web Design with Osky Blue

Local Haunted Attraction Revamps Their Web Design with Osky Blue

By | Published August 18, 2017

Web Design Frisco TXOsky Blue’s web design team acknowledges the importance of a website that looks great, runs smoothly and accurately portrays the vision of the company it represents. Our professional team knows the ins and outs of the web design industry, giving us the ability to create innovative site designs for a variety of businesses.  Recently, we worked with The Dark Path Haunt in Denton, Texas to create a customized website that promotes this unique local attraction. Within less than a day of the site relaunch, The Dark Path Haunt website began to receive leads from their online form.

Project Goals

Owners of The Dark Path Haunt were looking for an updated website that displayed current information about the attraction and legends surrounding it, all accessible through a mobile-friendly design. It was critical that this new site provided up-to-date information and photos that accurately reflect the features The Dark Path Haunt had to offer. Most importantly, this website needed to be completed and launched very quickly to ensure it could be used to promote the attraction for the 2017 Halloween season.

Our Solution

Osky Blue met with the client to discuss their vision for the site, as well as the content that needed to fill its pages. Along with updating the information on the site, our team completed full site SEO optimization to promote organic search leads and increase overall site traffic. Furthermore, we implemented analytics tracking so that the owners of The Dark Path Haunt could observe the performance of the website. We also decided to implement a blogging platform that the owners would be able to add to at a later time. Our graphic design team recreated the Haunt’s logo, background images, and headers to align with the client’s needs, while also implementing a sleek mobile-friendly site that is both attractive and easy to navigate.


The Dark Path Haunt was extremely pleased with the look of their relaunched website. The new site began to receive organic traffic leads from Google within the first 24 hours of its launch. The Dark Path Haunt’s new website was built and launched in less than one month, putting it on schedule to promote the attraction for the upcoming Halloween season. The Dark Path Haunt began generating online leads through the site’s Questions/Comments Form from day one of the relaunch.

Osky Blue’s web design team would love to work with your business to create, update, or alter a website. Our vast range of experience in the industry allows our web experts to build and implement a variety of features that are sure to take your business to the next level. For more information about our web design services, visit Osky Blue online at https://oskyblue.com/ or give us a call today (866) 675-9411.

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