SWAP Inc Beefs up their Online Presence with Osky Blue

SWAP Inc Beefs up their Online Presence with Osky Blue

By | Published October 14, 2020

For 50 years, Southwest Agri-Plastics, Inc., or SWAP, Inc., has staked its reputation and earned its success on a single core strength: reliability. Whether it’s the reliability of their ultra-durable plastics or their flawlessly reliable customer service, SWAP, Inc. is known across the agricultural industry as the vendor whose products – and people! – you can count on. At Osky Blue, we also believe in the power of reliable, proactive service. It was an honor to work with SWAP, Inc., and their design team to develop a beautiful new website that puts their products and their commitment to service front and center.

The quality and reliability of SWAP, Inc.’s people & products set them apart from their competitors, so we wanted to make sure that both of these things are on full display. One of our objectives was to make it easier for potential customers to find the product they were looking for. To do that, we used a clear categorization system that is prominently featured on the site. This system sorts the products into categories based on agricultural practices such as swine, poultry, feed, etc. This allows gevery customer to find exactly what they are looking for.

The other objective was to make it easier for customers to access all the information on the products they need. SWAP’s product pages now feature an intuitive tabbed navigation feature. Customers can access product specs, details on every model, catalogs, logistical information, and photos. Working in agriculture is hard work, so we wanted to find the products they need aren’t! We also had to be sure to showcase all the people who make SWAP, Inc. a fantastic company today. We made sure that SWAP, Inc.’s “about” page is up to the task of showing off all the things that make this company so great!

In addition to their brand new custom website, Osky Blue also provides our full range of custom marketing services for SWAP Inc. These services include SEO, content, social media, email marketing, PPC.

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