The Key Elements of Website Design for a Dallas Small Business?

The Key Elements of Website Design for a Dallas Small Business?

By | Published October 30, 2013

dallas-website-designA website is often your customers first impression of you. In today’s technology based world it is one of the first places people go to research anything. So having a great website is vital to any business. What is it that makes a website design worthy of a Dallas TX small business? There are several important elements that go into making your website ROCK!

First, consider why a person searches for any website. They are looking for content. Whatever the purpose is behind the website; selling product, marketing a small business, or for information purposes; it needs to bring with it valuable content. That content should be informative, well organized, and up to date. A web crawler may deem your site inactive if no recent activity has occurred. A blog or newsletter can keep your site visible.

The website needs to be user-friendly, starting with it’s accessibility. If it’s slow to load is giving error messages, you are losing a visitor’s interest. Be sure to invest in good hosting and make sure there are no broken links on your site. You should have a clear and usable website design that makes navigating your Dallas based company’s website simple to understand. If the home page is too overwhelming or difficult to understand, your visitors will be gone, searching for something simpler. Creativity is great, but following a simple and familiar model will make it easier for your guests to get around.

Your website must establish credibility. How many times have you searched for a website that you questioned this. It either doesn’t look professional, lacks a personal touch, or appears “fake”. Your website design should establish your reputation from the get go. You want your visitors to trust you. Include an “About Us” page so they can get to know you. Make sure your contact information is easy to find so they can reach you if necessary. References and testimonials will help establish your trustworthiness.

The appearance of your website deserves some attention. Your site should be uncluttered, organized and easy to follow, with a coordinating eye-catching color scheme. Links to the key areas of your site should be simple and easy to find from any page. Limit the amount of “bells and whistles”. You want your potential clients to be focused on what’s important. Cute and flashy animation can be used to get their attention, but shouldn’t be a distraction.

Now you know what makes a great website design for a Dallas business. The experts at Osky Blue are here to make sure your website has those key elements. Trust us, to make your web presence help others to trust you!
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