Web Design Frisco TX: Making your Website People Friendly

Web Design Frisco TX: Making your Website People Friendly

By | Published April 25, 2014

web design Frisco TXOne of the best ways of getting your website seen by the search engines, is by making them more people friendly. Web design Frisco TX and elsewhere is trending toward making sites more user friendly through layout and content. Algorithms used by Google and other search engines are being improved to look for great websites that will give their users the quality organic results they are looking for.  Here are some ideas to keep in mind when considering the web design of your Frisco TX business:

Who is your Audience?
The entire layout of your website could hinge on your audience.  Who are you trying to reach: business owners, mothers, teens, professionals, or the general public?  How will the content in your site appeal to them and encourage them to stick around?  What kind of language should be used; formal, witty, professional ect? In the past, many web designs were focused on getting the attention of the “crawlers” used by search engines, but things have changed. Designing with the user in mind is how to get the approval of Google now. The complex algorithms keep track of bounce rate and other stats to see how people are using and navigating the pages.

A big push with Google has been in the form of content.  They are doing everything possible to ensure that websites provide visitors with honest content, relative to their business. They are trying to reduce the number of SEO “tricks” used in the industry. Google looks at entire paragraphs of content to be sure the information is clear and meaningful rather than packed full of keywords trying to get the crawlers’ attention.

Keeping your content current and up-to-date is important as well. Blog’s are helpful to provide readers with news or events, advice, tips, or tutorials that apply to your field.

Go Mobile
Another way of making web design Frisco TX more people friendly, is to get your website into the palm of their hand. Everyone is doing it!! Google announced at the beginning of the year a new mobile bot that searches smartphones quicker (googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2014/01/a-new-googlebot-user-agent-for-crawling.html).

Web designers are moving to make websites more responsive; that is it can be viewed easily from mobile devices, thus eliminating the need to maintain multiple sites. More and more users are browsing the web through handheld devices.

Make it Pretty!
Pictures and videos not only add beauty and interest to your website, they also attract visitors and crawlers. They can keep users invested in your site. Images alone can be searched for and bring your target audience to you. Tutorials are an interesting and informative way to reel people in and get the attention of Google as well.

Designing a website with people in mind is the best way to get the attention of the search engines. The web design of your Frisco TX based business should revolve around the people you hope to reach:  your clients and future customers. Osky Blue is here to help make that happen. Call us today at 866-675-9411 or visit us online to learn more at www.oskyblue.com.

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