Web Design Frisco TX: Website Launch of Donna Whitten-Estes, LMT

Web Design Frisco TX: Website Launch of Donna Whitten-Estes, LMT

By | Published May 10, 2016

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Growing your business, reaching new clients and customers, and providing useful, relevant, and sharable information are all part of professional web design Frisco TX. Osky Blue understands the importance of this form of internet marketing, and we carefully construct each client’s website to reflect those goals. Today, Osky Blue is excited to announce the website launch of a new client, Donna Whitten-Estes, LMT.

Web Design Frisco TX: About Donna Whitten-Estes, LMT

Donna Whitten-Estes, LMT provides massage therapy services, which are effective for stress and pain relief. Here are a few different massage services she offers:

  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Massage is not the only service offered by this licensed therapist. Spinal traction, Reiki, reflexology, and various skincare treatments are also available. Potential clients can visit Donna’s new appealing and relevant website to learn the benefits of each and every service offered by a licensed massage therapist.

The Colony TX Web Design: Attractive and Functional Website

Business owners understand the importance of having an appealing website, and the site should always include information that will be easy-to-access and relevant for site visitors. Osky Blue has made sure that visitors will not only be attracted to Donna Whitten-Estes’ new website, but that they will also be able to easily navigate the site. The website is easy to move through, and the information is easy to read, interesting, and sharable. Avoiding the use of walls of text help readers stay focused and interested in what they are reading, and Osky Blue achieved this in Donna’s website through shorter paragraphs, numbered lists, and bulleted points. In addition, the website features vibrant photos that are relevant to massage and other holistic treatments.

For more useful information that readers will want to share with others, Osky Blue has included a blog section in the website. The blog features a variety of articles that educate site visitors on massage therapy topics.

An entire page detailing Donna Whitten-Estes’ story is also featured on the website. This includes information regarding Whitten-Estes’ history, education, experience, and passion surrounding massage and holistic practices.

Each section also features a call to action, allowing the website visitors to contact Donna Whitten-Estes, LMT to schedule a consultation for one of the various services offered. Email, telephone, and the address of the company are also included, ensuring potential and existing customers have the information necessary to take advantage of these services.

Relevant, informational, and appealing are all key traits of a good quality website. To learn more about web design Frisco TX for your own business, contact Osky Blue at (866) 675-9411.

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