Osky Blue Website Developers Frisco TX Introduce the Wash Zone Online

Osky Blue Website Developers Frisco TX Introduce the Wash Zone Online

By | Published May 6, 2016

Website Developers Frisco TXOsky Blue website developers Frisco TX are proud to announce the launch of The Wash Zone Online. The Wash Zone is a self-service laundry offering wash and fold, pick up and delivery services and commercial services for businesses with large laundry needs.

The Wash Zone is much more than a small neighborhood laundromat. The Wash Zone offers pick up and delivery within five miles of store for free; 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 load machines; 30 and 50 pound dryers, and comforter and blanket wash. They have everything to keep your clothes clean and fresh whether you wash them yourself or have Wash Zone’s attendants take care of it for you. The Wash Zone has a lounge with a TV and magazines, a play zone for kids, and free WiFi so you can work or browse the internet while waiting for your clothes to dry. The kids can even play video games or arcade games or pass time in the play area.

Osky Blue Website Developers Frisco TX: Perfecting a Website for a Premier Laundromat

The designers from Osky Blue created a website for Wash Zone to attract more customers. Even laundromats, which tend to be recommended by word-of-mouth or discovered by a drive around the neighborhood, benefit from a bona fide online presence. The website features a description of the self-serve laundromat along with a list of the the Wash Zone services: Wash ‘n’ Fold, commercial laundry, pick up and delivery service. Graphics draw readers’ eyes to a listing of amenities at the bottom of the page, so even causal visitors know there’s more to Wash Zone than washers and dryers.

At the top of the home page, Osky designers added clickable links to more information. There’s a services page leading to prices for regular laundry, comforter and blanket wash, pick up and delivery service, and the price for 2 to 8 load washes and 30 and 50 pound dryers. The contact form at the bottom of the page makes it easy for customers to ask questions before they bring their laundry to the Wash Zone.

Osky Blue Website Designers Little Elm TX: Simple Design, More Information

All pages contain clickable icons to take visitors to the Wash Zone’s social media pages, or to send a quick email. The separate contact page has maps and directions to both Wash Zone locations (in Sherman and Little Elm) and a contact form. Although the site isn’t text-heavy, Osky’s designers optimized the descriptions and other information for a better Google search ranking. Osky’s designers work with SEO specialists to make the most of the site’s content.

The website’s other highlights include a built-in blog for articles and news. This blog can be updated by the Wash Zone’s admin team or by Osky Blue content creators. The website is designed to be read across all platforms, including desktops, smartphones and tablets. Google Analytics are included to help clients understand where visitors are coming from and how to tweak the website to attract more customers/visitors.

Call Osky Blue Website Developers Frisco TX to Boost Your Online Presence

Visit http://www.washzoneonline.com/ to read more about Wash Zone’s services and examine the detailed work of Osky designers and content writers. If you need a new or updated website for your business, call Osky Blue today at 866-675-9411.

Osky Blue | Website Developers Frisco TX | (866) 675-9411

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