Web Designers in Frisco, TX Create New Site for Infinity Restoration

Web Designers in Frisco, TX Create New Site for Infinity Restoration

By | Published September 22, 2016

Web Designers Frisco TXAs leading web designers in Frisco, TX, Osky Blue is constantly trying to help local businesses succeed and grow. We’ve been raising the digital bar in DFW for several years now, and our recent website design for Infinity Restoration is just the latest example of the way we blend design, SEO, and user experience into one beautiful website experience.

Here’s a Little Bit About Infinity Restoration

Infinity Restoration is in the business of helping homeowners reclaim property that natural disasters have destroyed. We are no strangers to severe weather here in North Texas, and Infinity Restoration fixes water, fire, smoke, and flood damage. They also handle mold when necessary.

Infinity Restoration is available 24/7 for customers in need, and they’ll even help you work through the tricky insurance claims process after a fire or flood. They put the customer experience first in everything they do–certainly something web designers in Frisco, TX can learn from.

Here Was Our Process

When branding for clients, we talk at length with them about identity and goals. In our conversations with Infinity Restoration, two things became clear:

  1. The website would have to convey trust.
  2. The website would need to present a copious amount of information concisely

Trust was especially important because Infinity’s customers are entrusting them with their personal property–their homes, belongings, and property. Homeowners would need to know what Infinity’s process is, and they would need to understand how Infinity Restorations plans to help them through the insurance process while avoiding fraud.

We carefully designed the website hierarchy to reveal each piece of important information in an obvious place. Customers searching for clues about Infinity’s trustworthiness are now instantly confronted with the company’s process, work examples, and insurance procedures–basically, we promote trust by leaving no stone left unturned.

Secondly, we had to find ways to answer other customer questions without them having to ask. For instance, why should a customer choose Infinity? Rather than making them wonder, we included a “Why Us” heading above the fold. We also included other informational pages across the top menu, including a FAQ option. Like we said before, no customer query was left unaddressed.

In addition to answering customers’ questions, Infinity Restoration’s new site is optimized for local search and general terms, social handles are prominently placed, and contact information is available without a click or scroll.

In short, we made Infinity Restoration’s sales funnel infinitely shorter.

As every web designer in Frisco, TX knows, a beautiful, SEO-optimized website leads to more conversions and more revenue. And that’s exactly what Osky Blue is in the business of doing–making money for clients.

Give us a call at (866) 675-9411 if you have any questions about your website. We’d love to hear from you!

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