Zoom Drycleaners Hires Web Developers in Frisco, TX for New Website

Zoom Drycleaners Hires Web Developers in Frisco, TX for New Website

By | Published September 22, 2016

Website Developers Frisco TXE-commerce competition is heating up in DFW, and small businesses everywhere are hiring website developers in Frisco, TX for new website design. At Osky Blue, we have a knack for using beautiful design to optimize our clients’ sales funnel; our latest adventure was a website for Zoom Eco Dry Cleaners in Frisco, TX. We loved getting to know Zoom, from the great people who work there to the cool ways they do business!

A little bit about Zoom Dry Cleaners

One of Zoom’s principles is to provide excellent value to customers by streamlining the workflow. If a business keeps costs to a minimum, they can charge customers a minimum too, right? They also use modern, eco-friendly equipment to leave a smaller carbon footprint. Basically, they want customers to feel good about the prices and the environmental impact. They really live up to their trademark, “Look Sharp by Spending Smart!” Zoom Dry Cleaners had a fresh concept, and all that was missing was a fresh website from website developers in Frisco, TX.

We got to work right away on the visual aspect of the website

Website developers know that an ugly website will get you nowhere. Do you really want to use that outdated stock photo? You’re more than welcome to do so, but you better get used to web page visit durations of thirty seconds or less.

Studies have shown that website visitors’ eyes will gravitate towards the upper left-hand corner before anything else–we used that piece of “prime real estate” to feature an attractive branded photo for Zoom Dry Cleaners. The rest of the homepage?

Entirely images. Who needs words, anyway?

The six-pack of original photography on the home page serves more than a visual purpose, though. Every good web developer knows that it’s all about that user experience.

Here’s how we optimized the user experience

Each image on the home page is linked to a necessary piece of corresponding information about the website. Visitors often arrive at a website knowing exactly what they are looking for, and it can be frustrating to search and search without success. If a visitor came looking for coupons, give them what they’re looking for! That’s exactly what our streamlined homepage for Zoom Dry Cleaners offers.

The website’s sidebar is also streamlined–it provides the same links as the home page images, plus Zoom’s social icons. In short, we designed a website that offers fashion-forward visual branding, easy-accessible information, and encourages engagement.

Give us a call at (866) 675-9411 if you’d like to learn more about hiring expert website developers in Frisco, TX.

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