Website Developers in McKinney, TX, Launch Site for Tranquil Solutions

Website Developers in McKinney, TX, Launch Site for Tranquil Solutions

By | Published September 20, 2016

Website Developers McKinney TX
While it isn’t easy to be the most highly sought-after website developers in McKinney, TX, Osky Blue does so by combining deep knowledge of e-commerce, SEO, and web design. Customers won’t stick around if a website isn’t fast, simple, and beautiful! Our latest project was a website for a Flotation Therapy company called Tranquil Solutions. We’d love to show you our finished product!

What Does Tranquil Solutions Do?

You may not be familiar with “flotation therapy”–not many website developers in McKinney, TX are. Tranquil Solutions provides “float tanks” that block out external sound (that’s enough therapy right there if you ask us) and fill the water with Epsom Salts that cause you to float weightlessly. The combination of silence and weightlessness can lower blood pressure, ease anxiety, and treat insomnia. The list of benefits goes on.

Tranquil Solutions sells to entities such like hotels, spas, and training facilities, making it purely B2B. Here’s how we created a breathtaking B2B site for the leading provider of Float Tanks in DFW.

Website Developers in McKinney, TX Know How to Produce a Consistent Brand

A brand like Tranquil Solutions might seem like a simple design. All you have to do is make the website peaceful and relaxing, right? Creating emotions with a website isn’t simple at all, though.

First, we chose a color palette that reflected Tranquil Solutions’ themes. Deep blues for an aquatic feel and a crisp white footer for contrast provided the foundation, while subtle background animation created an atmosphere of being “under water.”

We also kept the homepage design as clean and simple as possible–Tranquil Solutions’ Float Tanks are made with a clean contemporary design, so we followed suit with the web design.

Accelerating the Sales Funnel Through Design

Web designers build B2B websites often to sell products. We took it upon ourselves to design a website that would sell more float tanks for Tranquil Solutions. We made each piece of information readily available, from an “About,” to a page highlighting industries that use Float Tanks, to a dedicated resource guide called “What is Floating?”

We also featured attractive Float Tank images, prominently displayed contact information and offered social icons. In short, every part of the website encourages visitors to interact with the brand.

Of course, we built the whole website from an SEO-expert point of view. From optimized images to a search engine optimized sitemap, Tranquil Solution’s website is SEO waterproof.

Do you have any questions about your website design in McKinney, TX? Call Osky Blue web designers at (866) 675-9411.

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