Website Design Frisco Tx: Best Dental Direct Website Launch

Website Design Frisco Tx: Best Dental Direct Website Launch

By | Published February 14, 2016

Website Design Frisco TX

Osky Blue website design Frisco TX recently built a website for Best Dental Direct, a consumer association that offers a variety of dental plans for families, individuals and seniors. Our team designed the site to highlight Dental Direct’s unique brand. This specialized service required an easy-to-navigate website with full information on each plan and clean, inviting graphics. We also created a secure enrollment and payment form for consumers.

Website Design Frisco TX: Branding a Different Kind of Dental Plan

Best Dental Direct offers consumers dental care with the dentist of their choice for a small prepaid fee. Once the fee is paid, the consumer visits the dentist of their choice for services and pays a discounted fee to the dentist for treatment instead of full price. This eliminates the hassle of insurance company paperwork. Depending on the plan selected, they cover basic preventative care, major dental services (dentures, crowns), and oral surgery. With the help of Osky Blue, Best Dental Direct can now reach consumers with their unique approach to dental care and costs.

Website Design Frisco TX: Secure Payment Forms for E-Commerce

All types of businesses need secure online payment forms, even if they aren’t strictly e-commerce companies. Since most people prefer a fast, easy way to pay, (and quick confirmation of that payment), Osky Blue included a secure online payment form on the Best Dental Direct website. We created a simple enrollment form which allows people to safely enter their plan of choice, along with address, birth date and other sensitive information without data being compromised. (When using any online payment form, always check the address in your browser window. It should contain an “s” after “http” to indicate that information is being sent across a secure connection. ) We also placed Best Dental Direct’s phone number and address in several locations across the website for people who want to purchase plans over the phone or by mail. There’s also a general contact form and a company email address for consumers who want to correspond with company reps before purchasing dental plans.

Website Design Frisco TX: Built-In Features Benefit Our Clients and Their Customers

Each website that the Osky Blue team designs includes a built-in content management system so clients can easily make changes. There’s also a built-in blog that we can update with SEO-friendly articles and videos. Every webpage is designed to be viewed on a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones. Clients can check how many people are their site – and how they got there – using website analytics. Our team can also add social media pages or update existing pages.

If you have a new or existing business that needs better online visibility, contact the branding team at Osky Blue for excellent SEO and website design in Frisco TX. Call us at 866-675-9411, and we’ll create the perfect website for your business.

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