Website Developers Increase Online Traffic with HVAC Site Relaunch

Website Developers Increase Online Traffic with HVAC Site Relaunch

By | Published July 5, 2017

Website Developers McKinney TXThe website developers at Osky Blue know the importance of an effective website, especially for businesses in the service industry that rely heavily on Google searches and online feedback. When Classic Heating and Air in McKinney, TX, came looking for ways to improve its online presence and strengthen its brand, Osky Blue knew exactly how to help. We proposed updating the company’s site with a brand new design and implementing SEO techniques that would allow Classic to better connect with its customers online.


Classic Heating and Air felt that its current site was not an accurate representation of the company. The employees were looking for a new site to represent their “classic” values and brand personality. They also wanted to focus on integrating a custom SEO strategy that would improve search performance and ultimately draw more traffic to the site. Finally, Classic Heating and Air was interesting in content marketing in the form of scheduled blog posts.


The client’s new website at boasts an updated color scheme, custom logo and beautiful design elements that compliment both the site layout and Classic’s brand. We worked with the client to create and modify retro-style graphics and fonts that reflected their classic style of work. This theme both speaks to Classic Heating and Air’s brand personality and sets them apart from the dozens of other HVAC businesses in the North Texas area. Next, we tackled the SEO aspect of the site. Our team integrated keywords and other SEO elements into each page of the new website, improving the company’s search performance. Additionally, the existing blog posts were transferred and implemented seamlessly into the new site. Our final area of focus emphasized the importance of mobile users. We tested and retested the website on some mobile devices to ensure that elements like the drop-down menus remained both attractive and easy to use when they appeared on screens of various sizes.


Classic Heating and Air’s newly launched website now reflects the personality and classic values of the company. Osky Blue has helped reinforce a brand that’s streamlined and consistent from their face-to-face interactions with clients to their web presence. Additionally, the customized SEO strategy implemented by Osky Blue has led to increased site traffic since the relaunch.

Whether you are interested in a marketing plan, an entirely new website or something in between, the website developers and the team at Osky Blue can help increase the efficiency of your digital marketing strategy. For more information about our services, visit us online at or give us a call (866) 675-9411 today!

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