Website Developers at Osky Blue Create a New Website for Verona Villa

Website Developers at Osky Blue Create a New Website for Verona Villa

By | Published February 23, 2018

Website Developers Frisco TXAt Osky Blue, we understand the value of a website that markets a business efficiently. When Verona Villa came to our web development team in search of a new website, we jumped into action to create a site that was user-friendly, functional and showcased the client’s existing images of the upscale Frisco Texas venue.

About Verona Villa

Verona Villa is an exclusive event venue that serves clients throughout DFW. Their property offers customizable facilities that are perfect for weddings, corporate events and many other special occasions. Owner Jason Young and his staff are committed to providing the highest level of customer service through comprehensive event packages, party planning, local recommendations and more. The venue’s strategic location amid hotels and restaurants gives guests and attendees access to the best of North Texas. Whether you’re looking for an elegant wedding venue, functional conference space or something in between, Verona Villa has it all!

Project Goals

Verona Villa was interested in creating a website that was visually engaging and effectively showcased everything their venue has to offer. They wanted to highlight the events that happen at the Villa including weddings, corporate events and lifestyle events. Not only did this information need to be readily available to potential clients, but it was important that the overall appearance of the site reflected Verona Villa’s luxury brand. Finally, the client was looking to publish the site quickly, so that it would go live in time for their open house and official ribbon cutting ceremony with the Frisco Chamber of Commerce on 2/15/18

Our Solution

Osky Blue’s website developers began working with the Verona Villa team to design a site that highlights the venue’s stunning photographs. The new site features high-quality images on each page, with rotating sliders and collage-style collections that showcase a variety of events held at the venue. The site’s drop-down menu makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for, while prominent social media and contact icons allow for potential clients to connect with the Verona Villa staff easily. Now, Verona Villa’s website truly reflects the venue’s brand and highlights the history and uniqueness of the facility itself. Guests can easily navigate the site to see all that Verona Villa has to offer, plus the site was ready just in time for their open house! The Verona Villa team was overjoyed with both the results and Osky Blue’s dedication to keeping up with Verona Villa’s busy schedule.

If you’re looking for an innovative website for your business, the Osky Blue team would love to help! From starter sites to fully-functional e-commerce, our team of website developers can create a customized site that showcases your services and unique brand story. If you’re looking to update your existing site or build a brand new one, give us a call (866) 675-9411 or contact us today!

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