Your Digital Office Space: Professional Services Firms & Digital Marketing

Your Digital Office Space: Professional Services Firms & Digital Marketing

By | Published December 15, 2016

Digital marketing for Professional Services firmsProfessional services firms have, in the past, built their businesses on referrals and reputation. This is still an important aspect of a professional services firm’s lead sourcing, but what is the first thing your potential referral will do after hearing your name and before they reach out to you? They will search for you online. Make sure your online presence matches your business, accentuates your strengths, and provides a clear path to getting the best information about you to your potential clients, so they will pick up the phone and call you.

Your website is your digital office space and will say a good amount about what type of firm you are. Your digital office space will be seen before anyone sets foot into your physical office space. Make sure your digital office space represents your brand, your team and the level of services a potential client can expect by working with you. It should highlight the accomplishments of your team members, provide high-level information about your service offerings and invite a further conversation in person. Consider the investment you’ve made in your physical office space and ask yourself, have you made an investment in your digital office space?

Professional Services Firms and Social Media
For professional services firms a social media strategy can be tricky. There are regulatory guidelines that must be followed to avoid giving something considered advice to the general public. Some social media outlets can help boost your site ranking with search engines and some are purely used to maintain a level of thought leadership within your industry. What works best for your professional services firm will depend completely on your business and your target client. When your clients think of expertise in your service area, can they point to you as being a thought leader? Can they send a potential referral an article your team has written or post about a current topic or trend?

Branding: The New Reputation
Branding is as important for professional services firms as it is with any other business. What was in the past your reputation is now your brand. Your digital marketing presence should be consistent in your branding across all media tools. Your website, social media and print marketing should be seamless and recognizable. Since professional services rely on referrals and reputation, what a potential referral sees across all aspects of your brand should highlight what they’ve already heard. It is important to identify your strengths from your clients’ perspectives, so that you can apply those to your branding strategy. Is your investment in your reputation reflected in your brand?

Experts Know When to Hire the Experts
Just as you are the expert for your clients, your firm will want to partner with experts in order to design and implement an effective digital marketing strategy. Website, social media and branding for digital marketing have become more important than ever for professional services firms that want to move to the next level. You will want to work with a team that can really dig into your business to understand its strengths and specialties, but also stay on top of regulatory concerns and environment changes. You will need a team that can meet with you and give you the comfort that the people you are meeting with are the people who will execute the strategy. You will want to ensure that your digital marketing team is staying on top of the latest nuances in social media, search engine optimization, online advertising, and website development.

At Osky Blue we have an in-house team with over decades of experience in the digital marketing industry. Our team has been in the industry since the industry existed and has built our brand as thought leaders in website development and digital marketing. Osky Blue experts take ownership of your online presence and use their expertise to highlight yours and help your firm ensure that the brand you want reaches your target client. You can learn more about Osky Blue in our digital office space

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