Osky Blue Website Developers Score a Win for Baker Law Firm

Osky Blue Website Developers Score a Win for Baker Law Firm

By | Published December 13, 2016

Website Developers Frisco TXWhen the Baker Law Firm was looking for website developers to take its site to the next level, it turned to the experts at Osky Blue. The Toronto-based law firm knew that to reach as many potential clients as possible, it needed an attractive, yet easy-to-use website that demonstrates its services but also has a personal tone. Fortunately, they turned to the best web developers in the business who have helped many clients get exactly what they need to take their businesses to the next level, in part due to an excellent website.

About Baker Law Firm

Attorneys Sam Baker and Vinay Sarin have a combined 80 years of legal and business experience that they bring to the Baker Law Firm. This level of expertise allows them to give their clients mature general counsel and a refined focus to a variety of different client needs. Their decades of practice have allowed these top attorneys to develop an intimate appreciation of diverse corporate cultures, objectives and perspectives. In turn, this means they can represent many different clients the best way possible.

Baker Law Firm specializes in Canadian and International corporate and commercial law. The firm’s expertise includes inbound and outbound investments, marketing and distribution, acquisitions, commercial and residential real estate, subsidiary and branch operations of multinational corporations and more.

The firm also assists clients who need help with immigration law. Canada is known for having some of the toughest immigration regulations, which means many clients come to the firm with unique situations and special needs.

A few of the many matters that the firm helps its clients with include family sponsorship, permanent residence, intra-company transfers, super visas, study and work permits, citizenship and more.

Osky Blue Website Developers Help Elevate the New Site

After consulting with the team of Baker Law Firm, Osky Blue was able to devise a plan to create a site that meets all of the firm’s needs. These included having an aesthetically-pleasing website that showcases the firm’s strengths but is also welcoming and user-friendly.

The Osky Blue team implemented a variety of different features on the site, including drop-down bars, gorgeous images and a tone that encapsulates what the Baker Law Firm stands for.

Website visitors can learn about the firm, discover what it has to offer and can contact the attorneys easily. They are also drawn to the site because of the SEO-rich content included in the blogs.

For more information on how your company can achieve an excellent website like the Baker Law Firm, contact the Osky Blue website developers in Frisco, TX, by calling (866) 675-9411 or visiting the Osky Blue site at oskyblue.com. Additionally, check out what we did for the Baker Law Firm by visiting bakerlaw.net.

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