Employee Benefits Specialists Upgrade Their Online Presence with Osky Blue

Employee Benefits Specialists Upgrade Their Online Presence with Osky Blue

By | Published August 14, 2019

Lone Star Benefits, Inc. is all about the long haul. The Frisco-based Employee Benefits Specialists pride themselves on building long lasting relationships with their clients, relationships designed from the very start to evolve as needs and market places change. So when they sat down with the team at Osky Blue to discuss replacing their outdated website, adaptability and long term success were always the focus.

Osky Blue is proud to launch a brand new website for Lone Star Benefits. Working closely with the Lone Star team, we streamlined the site content to precisely funnel visitors to the information they need and ultimately to the all-important point of contact. Compelling copy and straightforward visual storytelling quickly showcases the breadth of services using the terms that their target client – mid-to-large employers and HR managers – can easily understand. Meanwhile, a clean design wears Texas spirit loud and proud, with dynamic features to give the site some modern visual oomph. 

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More important still, the website is supported by a custom search optimization strategy to help Lone Star Benefits build their online presence for the long haul. The Osky team completed a thorough optimization of front facing elements, such a title and description tags, page copy and image ALT attributes, as well as background elements such as optimizing site speed and reducing code density, to ensure the site is well built and “future proofed” for search. The endlessly adaptable Duda platform powers the site, allowing LSB to grow their content strategically and without hassle, either in-house or working with a dedicated digital marketing agency like Osky Blue.

With a newly upgraded web presence to show off, Lone Star Benefits, Inc. can get back to what’s really important: helping their clients maneuver the complex world of Employee Benefits Programs and developing custom tailored packages for every business, budget and need. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your benefits buck, contact Lone Star Benefits in Frisco, Texas.

And if you’re looking to make the most of your marketing dollar, come in today to see what Osky Blue can do for you. We are digital marketing experts who have seen, and done, it all: full service digital marketing, custom websites, e-commerce websites, paid advertising / PPC, email marketing, custom analytics and more. 

Osky Blue is based in Frisco, Texas and serves a national clientele. Contact us at 866-675-9411.

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