Gibbins Law Elevates their Online Presence with a Custom Osky Blue Website

Gibbins Law Elevates their Online Presence with a Custom Osky Blue Website

By | Published April 26, 2020

Finding a lawyer you can count on is the most important part of your search for legal counsel. What does it mean to be able to “count on” your attorney? It means that your lawyer understands the law, the judicial system in your area, and his priority is protecting your interests. Dan Gibbins is that kind of lawyer. At Gibbins Law, Dan’s clients know that they are working with a lawyer who not only has the right experience, but also the right level of integrity. At Osky Blue, we know experience and integrity, and we worked with Dan Gibbins to ensure that his value propositions were the focus of his website.

We are happy to announce the launch of the brand new Gibbins Law custom website,! Gibbins Law is a personal injury, probate, and estate law practice in Tyler, TX. Osky Blue is the go-to agency for website design and Gibbins Law is the go-to counsel for all personal injury, probate, contested probate, and estate planning questions. The Osky Blue and Gibbins Law partnership is a winning combination.professional website design frisco tx

At Gibbins Law, they don’t overcomplicate, oversell, and underdeliver, like other law firms. It was important to convey this message throughout the website design and content. The goal of the website design and content was to make sure that someone looking for an experienced law firm for personal injury, probate, and estate planning cases found in their search engine results and then found content on the website that clearly expressed the value of working with Dan Gibbins.

We took the time to get to know Dan and what makes Gibbins Law firm different. Then we talked about how to turn that into a visual representation online. Dan wanted his website to be unique, and for it to convey that he is not just “another lawyer”. We used that value proposition when we designed the site, especially with respect to the colors we recommended. The end result is a website that is both approachable and professional, which is exactly how Dan Gibbins interacts with his clients.

The team at Osky Blue can help your business update its website or create a brand new one. We work with local businesses, franchises, and nationally-recognized brands in every industry. We have a team of digital marketing professionals who provide our clients with expert knowledge on everything from SEO, design, technical development, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, website analysis, and much more. Let our team of website developers, designers, and digital marketers create the perfect website for your brand. Get in touch with us online or at (866) 675-9411 today to find out how Osky Blue can help your ideal client find your business online.

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