How Google’s New Rules Affect Online Marketing Dallas

How Google’s New Rules Affect Online Marketing DallasAn algorithm is a computer process that takes the search queries typed into Google and interprets them to guess what a web user  wants to find.

This May, Google unveiled Penguin 2.0, a new algorithm designed to prevent spam and junk websites from cluttering up search engine results. The original Google algorithm, based on link and keyword frequency, focused more on machine-generated keywords without taking into account the manipulative methods used by some webmasters.

People search for particular keywords when they are looking for a product or service and they expect to find detailed information on the keywords they’ve entered. Before Google introduced Panda in 2011 Penguin 1.0 in April 2012, website owners were able to manipulate web visitors to their sites by using content stuffed with an excessive number of keywords.  Unscrupulous website owners used paid links or inbound links from unrelated sites to boost SEO. Websites with a high number of ads and low content or duplicate content sometimes appeared higher in search results due to manipulative tactics   Excessive linking to unrelated sites just to increases web stats become a common tactic of fly-by-night websites.

The new algorithm has changed all that. Websites using these tactics are now penalized by Google. Websites with natural content and links are rewarded with higher search engine ranking.

Well-written, targeted content trumps retread posts with lots of links. What does this mean for the average business owner?  It means that tricks aren’t necessary to place your website higher on Google search. You only need to concentrate on presenting your business in the best possible light through text, web design, video and photographs. With the help of a consultant for online marketing Dallas, you’ll be successful in tying all these components into a branded web presence for your business.

You don’t need to write novel-length blog posts or banish links included from articles or landing pages for fear of a Google reprimand. Instead, focus on content and links that provide natural promotion for your business.

A bit of research will show you what sites and blogs are mentioning your product or service. Focus on these sources by sending press releases to them or offering to write guest posts. These are just a few of the Google-friendly ways you can maximize your online marketing Dallas.  As internet marketing evolves, so does the way search engine optimization, Google AdWords and PPC (pay-per-click) advertising affect your website. An online marketing Dallas company can monitor the changes in Google’s algorithm and other internet marketing trends for your business, keeping your name in front of customers and prospects 24/7.

Businesses in the Dallas-Forth Worth area can turn to the search engine specialists at Osky Blue to learn more about Google’s new rules. We keep up-to-date on the fast-paced world of web marketing to optimize your website and maximize your profits.

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