Increase Your Pageviews And Sales With Frisco SEO

Increase Your Pageviews And Sales With Frisco SEO

By | Published January 22, 2014

SEO - Search Engine Optimization is growingBusiness websites and e-commerce sites that sell products have plenty of challenges when it comes to Google page rankings for new content. You can ensure that Google finds and indexes your content immediately by following a few proven SEO tactics. Place links to your category pages on your home page and put links to product pages on your category pages. A well-structured website designed by Frisco SEO experts will keep visitors browsing and buying longer.

Instead of merely presenting a brief product description under a photo, do research on the sales and demographic for each item. Study Google analytics to identify your best-sellers and then tailor content for those products, updating descriptions or reviews as needed to keep customers interested. E-commerce sites that sell hundreds or even thousands of products may find it’s too time-consuming to add original content for each product. Focus instead on quality content for category pages, treating them as additional home pages for each product line or type. Create custom-written content for each category page on your website to give your customers up-to-date useful information about your products. If you’re adding content to a category page about picture frames, you can describe the different sizes and materials used in your products, offer tips on framing photos, posters and artwork.  Use a Frisco SEO company to create blogs, buying guides and other content on category pages and related pages throughout your site.

If you sell a product that doesn’t merit an original description, simply reprinting the manufacturer’s description will give the consumer all the information they need, but may lower your Google page rank.  You can boost product descriptions by adding user reviews and social media comments to the product page. You can vary the content and make it more user-friendly by turning drab product descriptions into mini-stories that spark customers’ emotions. An experienced Frisco SEO writer can help you accomplish this and build up descriptions for plain, everyday products into compelling content.

At OskyBlue, we know how to optimize business websites to increase Google rankings and page views. We’ll create a user-friendly site with strong internal links and quality blogs, product descriptions and other content.  After we’ve created your website, we’ll update it with new content and we can even manage your social media for increased coverage.  Call us at (866) 675-9411 to learn more about these services and other options to increase your page ranking and attract new customers.

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