Osky Blue Showcases Web Design for a Carrollton, TX IT Company

Osky Blue Showcases Web Design for a Carrollton, TX IT Company

By | Published June 27, 2016

Web Design Carrollton TX

Helping small businesses succeed is what we do—take a look at our latest example of web design in Carrollton, TX at Service IT Direct. IT service providers are booming, and several IT and software companies are the fastest growing companies in their state.  With the growth of that scale hanging in the balance, we defined strategies that would keep up with an explosion in business and traffic to their website. We thought that a scalable, mobile-friendly, SEO optimized, and a beautiful website would do the trick.

Service IT Direct Offers a Range of Services and Products

Service IT Direct offers a variety of maintenance services, including software, IT, storage, servers, and more. In addition to maintenance, they offer business services like backup and disaster recovery, all while providing product sales. Our challenge: to organize all of those capabilities in an easy-to-find manner.

Our menu gives customers everything they need and nothing more, therefore streamlining the customer journey to maximize conversions. You can’t sell something that customers don’t know you provide, right? The menu is easily navigable and has a clear drop down menu but because of a scrolling homepage we created, site visitors are confronted with Service IT Direct’s products without even selecting a menu option. In short, the homepage elements combine to offer a powerful marketing tool as well a helpful customer resource.

Lower Bounce Rate and Increased Engagement

How do you keep a customer engaged with what you do? Make your homepage a welcome destination! Not only is the IT Service Direct web design please to the eye, it also provides compelling and hard-hitting information right on the first page. Visitors are confronted with several elements to grab their attention and keep them on the page:

  1. Beautiful Design: Colors, fonts, and images combine to make the website a visually pleasing experience. It’s the first step in engagement!
  2. Obvious Contact Info: We want the user experience to be as seamless as possible. What if a visitor just wants your phone number when visiting the website? We think contact info should be glaringly obvious—you might be surprised at how quickly people will give up and walk away.
  3. Provide a Learning Experience: Some clients want to learn valuable information from you. Additionally, some potential customers want to see your authority in your niche! Providing them with compelling content is simple, so we showcased the Service IT Direct blog right on the homepage. Customers can’t help but learn something when they visit, and they will leave smarter and more confident in your services.

Osky Blue would love to take your small business to the next level on SERPs and in revenue. Give us a call at (866) 675-9411 to learn more about how we optimize your web design.

Osky Blue | Web Design Carrollton TX | (866) 675-9411

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